Two feature fiction films co-produced by 4film have entered the Official Selection at one of the most acclaimed film festivals in the world: the 75th Cannes Film Festival. The films have been selected for the prestigious Un Certain Regard category, which highlights exquisite auteur cinema and the rising talents in the industry. In co-production with 4film, both films achieved the status of a minority Croatian co-production and were supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Center. Read more about these two compelling stories below!

Butterfly Vision

Butterfly Vision is a debut feature by Ukrainian director Maksym Nakonechnyi telling a harsh and surreal tale of a warrior who simply refuses to be a victim. A Ukrainian soldier named Lilia returns home to her family after spending months as a prisoner of enemy forces. Formerly an aerial reconnaissance expert, she was in charge of drone observation flights. Now, she struggles to look forward to the future as a regular civilian and a wife. The pain and trauma from her time in captivity start resurfacing in dreamlike ways. Something inside her does not let her forget what she’s trying to move on from.

The film was produced in a Ukrainian-Croatian-Czech-Swedish co-production with support from Eurimages. The production included several Croatian film industry professionals. Two of the roles were played by Croatian actors Daria Lorenci Flatz and Edvin Liverić. The film was edited by Ivor Ivezić, with Vladimir Gojun as the Editing Supervisor, and Doris Dodig as the Assistant Editor. Production was done in collaboration with Paulina Križić as the production coordinator, Laura Sinovčić as the executive producer, and Anita Juka as the co-producer.

Burning Days

Burning Days is a feature by Turkish director and screenwriter Emin Alper. The story follows Emre, a young and dedicated state prosecutor who is newly appointed to a small Turkish town hit by a water crisis and political scandals. After an initial welcome, he starts experiencing an increasing number of tense interactions and is reluctantly being dragged into local politics. The pressure under heated rumors starts to escalate when he forms a bond with the owner of the local newspaper.

The film was created in collaboration between Turkey, Croatia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Greece. Among Croatian filmmakers, Goran Mečava worked on the film as the steady-cam operator, Krešimir Rodić as the sound recordist, and Daniel Žuvela as the boom operator.

“This is a huge success not only for our production team but for the Croatian film industry in general. When we received the news that not only one, but two of our films will have their premiere in the prestigious section of Un Certain Regard, we were speechless. We had great confidence in the film crew of both projects and were very well aware that we had produced films of the utmost quality. This news is simply the crown of our successful collaboration. I truly believe both films will be praised by the festival jury and film critics, as well as spark attention among the Croatian and international audience,” said our producer Anita Juka.

The 75th Cannes Film Festival will take place from May 17 until May 28th 2022. Save the date for the premieres:

  • Burning Days premiere: Monday, May 23rd 2022
  • Butterfly Vision premiere: Wednesday, May 25th 2022

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