Another title gets support through HAVC International Co-production Scheme (i.e. minority co-production funding).

HAVC provides funding for fiction, documentary and animation films, both feature length and shorts originating outside Croatia in which a Croatian producer is involved as a creative collaborator and provider of a minority of the finance needed; and where the film is structured as an official co-production.

The movie “Spas” directed by Maksym Nakonechinyi, produced by TABOR LLC for Ukraine and co-produced by 4 FILM LTD gets funding from Croatian Audio-visual Centre.

This war drama follows a female assault drone operator who after being released from captivity returns home. She is pregnant by the enemy warden who raped her. Will she manage to save herself and the child, while living in a society that is not ready to accept neither of them. What price is she ready to pay for salvation?

“Spas” combines two very powerful topics: war and its consequences and the role of women in the society traumatized by conflict experiences rapid and irreversible changes. “Spas” portrays a story of war and post-war trauma from a woman’s perspective. Focusing on the female point of view and the issues of PTSD it gives a unique insight into difficulties that war victims face as they try to reintegrate into society and mold into predestinated roles.