4 film production company has provided full production services for the successful French company WhimsiTech. This is accomplished company that developed innovative underwater electric propeller- WhimsiFoil. 4 film provided full production services including location scouting, equipment rental including cameras, GoPro, drones technologies, accommodation, transportation, organization and production crew.

Accordingly, we managed production of high-level promotional video for Whimsitech and commercials which upgraded Whimsitech activities. Promotional videos were shoot on amazing locations across the Croatian sea cost (check our gallery for beautiful locations in Croatia!). We include locations on the beaches and by the sea at Island Ugljan Olive Island Marina – Sutomišćica, Novigrad and Zrmanja canyon in Croatia.

This activities enabled promotion of the product, increased social media visibility and sales of the WhimsiFoil product.

For more information about 4 film production services contact us at office@4film.hr or phone: +38514828774.