4film, in collaboration with international acclaimed pitch consultant Jan Miller, announces the Call for Applications  for the upcoming PITCHER PERFECT workshop in Croatia.

This 3-day workshop is designed for fiction feature film producers. Goals are to improve producers’ pitching skills and increase their confidence levels in meeting with  industry experts, while receiving feedback for their projects and presentation techniques. The workshop will take place from September 27th to 29th in Croatia. Industry experts include Katie Mustard, one of the leading film producers and line producers of independent cinema, named by Variety’s  Top 10 Producers To Watch and current Production Executive for Netflix International Originals, Mimi Steinbauer, president and CEO of Radiant Films International, international sales veteran who worked on acquiring, financing and selling such films as Academy Award nominated Blue Valentine, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hurt Locker and The Matrix, Anita JukaCroatian producer with extensive experience in international co-productions, producer of You Carry Me, awarded Croatian film available on Netflix as the first one from the region, while the workshop will be led by Jan Miller, one of the world leading coaches in pitching, an international consultant, the director of  Trans Atlantic Partners and founding chair of Women in Film and TV – Atlantic.

Pitcher Perfect is an interactive workshop which will:

  • further develop the elements of the story/project idea
  • identify the key components that contribute to a good pitch: the introduction, cut line, logline, synopsis, the heart, the package of pluses, the close
  • teach how to adapt your pitch to a conversational one-on-one, a chance meeting, a pitch forum presentation
  • teach how to research you audience before the meeting
  • identify and strengthen your personal communications skills to reinforce your pitch in person
  • improve your story telling skills: clarity, structure, economy, vision
  • strengthen your ability to hook your listener and effectively convey both the essence of your story and what credentials you’re are bringing to the table
  • review and improve the essentials required for a pitch one sheet
  • identify achievable goals for each kind of meeting
  • develop the skills for follow-up
  • identify how to pitch to the right person at the right place, at the right time

Eligible participants are European producers with a feature fiction film in development.

Each Applicant should submit the following in English language:

  • Title
  • Format
  • Programe length
  • Genre
  • Budget
  • Status to date (€ and partners committed)
  • Intended audience
    (specifically with children’s programming)
  • Short Synopsis (2-3 sentences, 60-70 words)
  • Long Synopsis (3-4 paragraphs 300- 350 words)
  • Key Creative Team Highlights: Credits/Bio

The participation fee is 500,00 EUR. Accommodations and travel costs for the workshop are the expense of participants.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: August 15th. All materials should be sent as one PDF document to e-mail address: pitcherperfect@4film.hr