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We are a full service production company, which offers a personal, tailored & hands-on approach to production service in Croatia. Through our great selection of top level film professionals and experienced production team we bring together all the skills you need for great creative results.

We provide all production services including: location scounting, scheduling, budgeting, research, casting, cast and crew hire, equipment rental and transportation services.

Given the great film production incentive programme and beautiful, out of this world locations there is no reason not to shoot your next project in Croatia!


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What we offer...

We offer a personal, tailored & hands-on approach
to production service in Croatia

Our services

With us you get it all



Our experienced production team can find any location to match your requirements.


We will plan entire production and make transparent timeline for you.


We will make high-quality budget breakdown.


You can use our local knowledge and experience to check all the facts you want to know.

Cast & crew hire

You can reach to numerous film professionals in our database.

Equipment rental

We got you covered with extensive technical cataloge of film equipment.


We will make transporation plans based on your itineraries.


We will organize any accommodation requirements.

Shooting permits

We know the ways to access any location.


We provide network of specialists who can realize any great idea.

Croatia - best location destination

We are professionals

Our experienced production team will help you to
achieve great creative results.


Production incentive

Croatia may be a small country, but it has a remarkably vibrant film industry. Insular Croatia consists of over a thousand islands and islets varying in size. Also, this is one of the rare countries that boast an amazing mixture of different climates: continental, Mediterranean and mountainous, and all that in a radius of less than 200 km. Since introducing the Production Incentive Programme in 2012, numerous projects choose Croatia as a location for their production.

The Incentive Programme is administered on a first-come, first served basis. The rebate is calculated on the total qualifying expenditure, without including value added tax. Qualified spend consists of the costs of goods and services purchased in Croatia and wages paid to Croatian tax residents (both cast and crew) for services carried out in Croatia. Besides production incentive, a film project with international partners can also benefit from the selective minority co-production support. Contact us for more details.

Cash rebate is 25 % with additional 5 % for productions in regions with below average development. Qualifying production formats include:

  • Feature films
  • Documentaries
  • TV drama
  • Animation

The incentive does not apply to commercials, reality TV, game shows and soaps.


Feel free to get in touch

We can provide further information about production incentive in Croatia. If you want to know more or you want to shoot your next project in our country please contact us.



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